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 Santa Fe Trail
Front Range Trail Series
Trail Map

This is a map focused primarily on the Santa Fe Trail, which is part of the Front Range Trail, but also includes connecting trails and other trails within the area of the map such as Monument Preserve. The northern part of the map ends at County Line Road near Palmer Lake.  The southern end of the map is at Woodman Road in Colorado Springs.

The map on the back is split into two panels so that the many miles of a north/south running trail can be put on the page.

For a continuation of the trail to the south, see our Greenway Trail Map.

Map Details
  • Scale: about 1:18,000
  • Contours: 20 feet derived from USGS Digital Line Graphics and 10 meter NED
  • Map: about 12.5" x 18.5" on both sides
  • Many roads are shown and most trails
NE section of Map with title

Front Cover (NE Section) of Map Product

The Trails

The New Santa Fe Trail follows an old railroad grade into the Air Force Academy where it eventually leaves the old grade for dirt roads not open to public vehicles and a few hills to keep the user in better condition.

The Monument Preserve has a variety of trails from easy to difficult, single track to road width.  This area tends to be closer to a wilderness experience.

The part of the New Santa Trail through the Air Force Academy can be closed.  Cyclists are also required to wear a helmet and anyone can be searched.  The Falcon Trail in the Air Force Academy is not covered on this map.

Trail List

Trails in the parks and open spaces:
Monument Preserve (Monument Fire Center) in the Pike National Forest

Urban Trails:
New Santa Fe Trail

Trails that are partly covered:
La Foret Trail (start)

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