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Lake Pueblo State Park Trail Map

South Shore Trails
Lake Pueblo State Park

This is a topographic map of the trail system in the south shore area of Lake Pueblo State Park in Colorado. All the trails are open to hikers and cyclists and many to equestrians.

Have you ever wondered what the area looks like while you are looking at a map? This product has eleven pictures for a visual guide to the trails and the environment.

We believe this is the most detailed and accurate map available of the trail system. We put a great deal of effort into making this map as accurate as possible.

Map Details
  • Scale: 1:10,340
  • Contours: 10 feet derived from USGS 10 meter NED
  • Map: 13" x 22"
  • Overall 17" x 23" folded to 8.5" x 11.5" with 0.5" margins
  • Elevation profiles of ten trails
  • Eleven Pictures
  • Trail Data: Mileage, elevation gain and loss, average slope, and the maximum slope over 0.12 and 0.25 miles for the significant trails
Map Cover Image
Front Cover of Map Product

What does the map look like?

A sample image of the map, reduced with loss of detail, is provided to give a general idea of the map at the following link:

Small Image of S. Shore Lake Pueblo Map

Of course, the sample is not meant to be useful but is intended to give you an better idea of what the map looks like. A closeup of a small area of the map is provided for additional information at the following link:

Closeup of Small Area

The Trails

The trails in Lake Pueblo State Park provide something for everyone. Hike up to Arkansas Point for a great view or take an easy bike ride along Arkansas Point Trail or Conduit Trail. If you enjoy technical mountain bike rides, take one of the trails that drop off the mesa into the canyons. Some are very difficult and others aren't that difficult.

In general, the trails open to equestrians are from Pedros Point Trail eastward with the exception of technically difficult trails that drop off the mesa into the canyons. Some horses may have trouble with a few of the trails that have some short, rocky uphill/downhill sections such as the top end of Broken Hip Trail.

The trails are temporarily closed when muddy to keep them from being damaged. During and shortly after rain or melting snow, the trails are probably muddy and should be left alone. Hoofs, boots, and tires will sink in and make a very rough trail after the ground dries out, which it does quickly. Also, the mesa is not the place to be in a thunderstorm since lightning is a major danger.

It can be very hot in summer and a great place to ride on those "cold" winter days. So don't put that bike away in winter.

Trail List

Arkansas Point, Boggs Overlook, Bones, Broken Hip, Conduit, Cuatro Cinco, Dead Dog, The Duke, The Edge, Freeride, Hooters Canyon, Keyhole Canyon, Log Drop, Lower Dog, Outer Limits, Pedros Point, Pinball, Pronghorn, Quick Draw, Rattlesnake, Rock Canyon, Rodeo, Rodeo Ridge, Roller Coaster, Skull Canyon,  Skull Overlook, South Shore, Staircase, Steep Tech, Stonehenge, Voodoo, Water Tower, Waterfall

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