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 Red Rock Canyon Open Space and
Section 16
Trail Map

This map covers Red Rock Canyon Open Space with the main entrance off of Hwy. 24 (Cimarron St.) in the north to the Palmer Redrock Loop Trail/Hunters Run Trail to the south.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space has a variety of trails from easy to difficult, single track to road width.  It's a great area for a picnic, a short hike, a long hike, or some area history.  The eastern area is generally open country and the trails are often old roads used for the landfill.  Many single track trails connect the old roads up the canyons and ridges except the Contemplative Trail tends to parallel the old roads.

The rock formations offer spectacular scenery and some areas are open for climbing with a permit.  The bolted climbing routes are labeled.

This map covers the Palmer Redrock Loop Trail, which is also the Palmer Trail and Hunters Run Trail on some maps or simply the Redrock Loop Trail.

Map Details
  • Scale: about 1:7,860
  • Contours: 20 feet derived from USGS 10 meter NED
  • Map: about 12.5" x 18.5" on both sides
  • Rock Climbing Walls Identified
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Front Cover (NW Section) of Map Product

The Trails

The trails in Red Rock Canyon Open Space are planned, so they are more organized and most junctions have trail signs.  Section 16 has many social trails.  Some trail work has been done to improve the trails but don't expect to find many trail signs.  Since the City of Colorado Springs has bought the property, the trail system will eventually improve.

Red Rock Canyon has towering red rock walls, not quite as spectacular as Garden of the Gods, and lovely wooded canyons in the western part.  The eastern part is more open because of an old landfill and ridges (hogbacks) with lower growing vegetation. Section 16 has some beautiful canyons and the last of the red rock formations.  The plains start turning into the mountains of the Pike National Forest here and the vegetation turns into evergreen forests.

The Palmer Red Rock Loop/Hunters Run Trails climb to about 7800 feet in the Pike National Forest. This is a popular route for hikers, runners, and mountain bikers with High Drive and a short stretch of Gold Camp Rd. serving to connect the Section 16 trailhead with the Hunters Run Trail near Sesame Canyon.  The climb (or downhill) on the Palmer Trail from the Intemann Trail in Section 16 should only be attempted by experienced mountain bikers used to rough terrain.

In Red Rock Canyon, the Contemplative Trail is a hiking only trail that follows along the base of red rock towers and has benches for relaxing.  Sand Canyon, Mesa, Greenlee, and Red Rock Canyon Trails were once roads that run roughly north/south along the canyons or ridges.  Roundup, Quarry Pass, and Meadowlark Trails are recently constructed, single track trails to connect the other trails together.  On the east side, Red Rock Rim, and Lion Trails were old roads that served the landfill.  Hogback Valley Trail runs north/south on the east side of the tallest hogback.

Trail List

Trails in the parks and open spaces:
Palmer Redrock Loop Trail (Palmer Trail, Hunters Run Trail, or Redrock Loop Trail), Parallel Trail
Bear Creek Regional Park Nature Area
Contemplative Trail, Dog Loops, Greenlee Trail, Hogback Valley Trail, Lion Trail, Lower Hogback Trail, Meadowlark Trail, Mesa Trail, Quarry Pass Trail, Red Rock Canyon Path, Red Rock Canyon Trail, Red Rock Meadow Loop, Red Rock Rim Trail, Roundup Trail, Sand Canyon Trail
Coyote Gulch Loop, Creekbottom Loop, Mountain Scrub Loop, Songbird Loop

Trails that are partly covered:
Intemann Trail, Sesame Canyon Trail

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