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Mt Bierstadt Trail

Round Trip DataData for One Direction
Origination:  Guanella Pass, CR-381
Distance:  7.4 miles Forest Service Trail # 711
Elevation Gain:  2760 ft.
Lowest Elevation:  11480 ft. Highest Elevation:  14070 ft.
Average Slope:  10.19 degrees

Casual/Novice:  Strenuous
Serious/Experienced:  Moderate/Minus
Destination:  Mt. Bierstadt
Distance:  3.7 miles
Elevation Gain:  2590 ft. Elevation Loss:  -170 ft.
Starting Elevation:  11650 ft. Ending Elevation:  14070 ft.
USGS:  Mt Evans

Casual/Novice:  Difficult
Serious/Experienced:  Moderate/Minus

Elevation Profile for Mt Bierstadt Trail
Elevation Profile for Mt Bierstadt Trail
The vertical scale is magnified 2.5 times. Profile image created with ExpertGPS

Directions to Trailhead
The Mt. Bierstadt trailhead is at the top of Guanella Pass. There is a large parking lot on the west side of CR-381, the Guanella Pass Road. There is another parking area on the east side of the road. The road changes from CR-381 to CR-62 when you cross from Clear Creek Co. into Park Co.

From the intersection of Hwy-285 and CR-62 (Guanella Pass Rd.) at Grant, travel north 13 miles to Guanella Pass.

From I70 take exit 228 into Georgetown and drive through town to the south side via Argentine or Rose Streets. Find the Guanella Pass Rd. at the intersection of Rose and 2nd Streets. From here, travel 10.6 miles to Guanella Pass.

The parking lots can be filled very early.

East side parking lot at Guanella Pass

West side parking lot at Guanella Pass

The trail starts from Guanella Pass, passes through many willows and on boardwalks over boggy areas and crosses Scott Gomer Creek, which may be difficult during spring runoff. Then the climb begins, up a good trail that becomes rougher as you get higher and then very rocky near the top.

This one is very popular, so expect a steady stream of hikers on the trail. Start very early so you will be back at the parking lot before thunderstorms arrive.

Mt. Bierstadt and The Sawtooth

Modified Topographic Maps for the Trail
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Modified Topographic Map of Just the Trail Area
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