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 Monument Preserve Trail Map
Monument Fire Center

This map covers the trails in Monument Preserve, which is also called the Monument Fire Center because the Pike National Forest "Hotshots" fire fighting team is based there. The eastern edge of the map has the parking lot of off Nursery Road.  The western edge of the map is at the base of Mt. Herman at about 8,000 feet.  This map does not cover Mt. Herman.  The northern edge of the map is essentially Red Forest Rd./Forest View Way.  The map shows the Monument Trail (#715) as it's turning from a southern direction to an eastern direction to head up a canyon towards Limbaugh Canyon.

Map Details
  • Scale: about 1:6,700
  • Contours: 20 feet derived from USGS Digital Line Graphics and 10 meter NED
  • Map: about 12.5" x 18.5" on both sides
Cover of Map
Front Cover (SE Section) of Map Product

The Trails

The Monument Preserve has a variety of trails from easy to difficult, single track to road width.  Sights to see include Monument Rock, Memorial Grove, and many ruins.  There's a fitness course near the Fire Center among the old nursery tree rows.  You can get away from the "urban" environment here.

The Friends of Monument Preserve are working to eliminate social trails that damage the environment and make an enjoyable network of trails.

Trail List

Trails in the parks and open spaces:
Black Pearl, Bluebird, Burnzone, Chimney, Cool Runnings, Fireline, Flow Dog, Flying Dog, Ghost Town, Helipad, Mad Hatter, Marsh Trail, Maze, Nursery Road, Renegade, Ridgeline, Schilling Ave, Water Tank

Trails that are partly covered:
Monument Trail (Forest Service Trail # 715)

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