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Welcome to the home page of Western Maps. We are in business to bring to you relatively current (others are not), topographical trail maps. The topographic maps may be modified 1:24,000 scale, 7.5 minute maps, updated with trails and selected roads.  Or they may be larger scale (smaller area) topographic maps. Trail data in "electronic" form can be expected to be relatively accurate to better than a scale of 1:1,000. That is, you can zoom in very close to get detail not available in a 1:24,000 scale map. The intent is to bring you more detailed and more accurate maps than you've probably ever used before for hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding, etc.
Picture of Clohesy Lake


Premier Topo Maps

These are paper topographical maps with some pictures to give you an idea of what the area is like.  Additionally, trail data for significant trails is provided. The goal is to provide you with the most detailed and accurate trail map of the selected area.

Buffalo Creek Recreation Area Trail Map (Pike National Forest, Colorado)
    Off of Highway 126, NNW of Deckers, East of Bailey (Hwy 285), South of Pine Junction

Palmer Park Trail Map (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

South Shore Trails of Lake Pueblo State Park (Pueblo, Colorado)

Essential Topo Maps

These are paper topographical maps without the trail data tables and elevation profiles of the Premier Topo Maps.  Also, pictures are not normally included although there may be a few.

Front Range Trail Series

        New Santa Fe Trail (Palmer Lake through the Air Force Academy, Colorado)

        Greenway Trail (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

        Fountain Creek Trail (Colorado Springs South to Fountain, Colorado)

Parks & Open Space Series

        Red Rock Canyon & Section 16 (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

        Monument Preserve (Also known as the Monument Fire Center, Pike National Forest), (Monument, Colorado)

TopoTrail Maps

These are "electronic" maps and guide books on CD-ROM. They let you zoom out for an overview of the area or zoom in for intimate detail that you don't get on common paper maps. They include hundreds of pictures to give you a visual description of the environment that you won't get with any book. Trail descriptions and data of a "guide book" style are given in the form of web pages for easy reference. In addition, the pictures are linked to the locations they were taken from to provide a better description of the trails than words could do.

Waypoints for GPS receivers are supplied to show you where trails cross streams, where trail junctions are, some campsites, and much more.   Trails are provided as a list of connected points (not waypoints - trackpoints) for overlaying on the background topographic map or for downloading in various forms (tracklogs) to some GPS receivers so you can have a trail map on the receiver's screen.

You do not need a GPS receiver to make use of this product line.  Support of GPS receivers is just an additional feature.  Also, although waypoints are oriented towards receivers, they are also useful for non-GPS receiver users.  Displaying waypoints on the map gives the user additional information.

Mt. Evans Wilderness and Vicinity (Colorado)


Some sample topographic images are provided here with some explanations.

Some sample map screens on Garmin 76 series receivers are provided here.

The naming convention for waypoints:  Waypoint Name Format
This gives an explanation of the codes used in naming waypoints.  Updated August 16, 2005

Custom Waypoint Symbols for Garmin

We have created some custom waypoint symbols for Garmin receivers that support them. Most of the symbols are intended for trails and hiking and a few replace some symbols that Garmin had on their black and white models but dropped from the color models. These symbols and more information is provided at:

Custom Waypoint Symbols


A Yahoo! Group has been created to provide support for TopoTrail Maps and for user discussion.


Regions Under Development

For Essential Topo Maps: Cheyenne Canyon and Stratton Open Space

For TopoTrail Maps: Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, Lost Creek Wilderness, Pikes Peak area from Gold Camp Road north to Palmer Lake (Rampart Range) including Colorado Springs, Mueller State Park, Cheyenne Mountain State Park and Florissant National Monument.

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